St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic

Troika International Festival 2012

Jeffery Meyer, Artistic Director

The Troika International Festival 2012 is the first of its kind in St. Petersburg, presenting a four day collaborative journey with three of the world’s cultural tours de force, and bringing together musicians and composers from China, the United States and Russia. 

The festival will introduce four of China’s premiere performers on traditional Chinese instruments (pipa, zheng, sheng, erhu).  They will be playing not only traditional Chinese music, but also new music written by some of China’s most important living composers, Ye Xiaogang, Chen Yi, Qin Wenchen, Tang Jianping, Guo Wenjing, Jia Guoping, three of whom will be in attendance at the festival. 

Representing the United States, in addition to Artistic Director Jeffery Meyer, will be New York City’s Margaret Kampmeier (piano), as well as composers Ed Harsh and Laura Kaminsky, also from New York City.  Harsh, who is the President of New Music USA, will present a talk entitled 'New Voices in New York' at the Rimsky-Korsakov conservatory.  The final festival concert will feature Pulitzer-prize winning American composer Melinda Wagner, as well as a world premiere by the young American composer Christopher Stark, whose music has been described as 'fetching and colorful' by The New York Times.

Listeners will experience a wide range of Russian works, from the rarely performed early 20th century composer Nikolai Roslavets, to a world premiere by the up-and-coming Timofey Buzina, whose works have been praised by The New York Times as 'exuberantly pulsating.'  Listeners will also hear Schnittke’s powerful Piano Concerto and Tchaikovsky’s ever-popular masterpiece the Serenade for Strings.

The Troika International Festival 2012 is a celebration of both the unique cultural identity of three nations and the new frontiers created through international collaboration. We look forward to sharing the excitement of this cross-cultural alliance and exploring new artistic ventures throughout the festival and beyond.

Margaret Kampmeier

Piano Program
The Three-Nation Journey Begins

Margaret Kampmeier, piano

Thursday May 10th 2012 · 5 PM

Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory

The festival begins with one of New York City’s most sought-after pianists Margaret Kampmeier performing a rarely heard sonata by Russian composer Roslavets, two Russian premieres by Ed Harsh (USA) and Laura Kaminsky (USA) and Lam Bun-Ching's stunning Six Phenomena.

Nikolai Roslavets: Sonata #5 (1923)
Ed Harsh: Acts of Faith (Russian Premiere)
Laura Kaminsky:  Music for Artur (Russian Premiere)
Lam Bun-Ching: Six Phenomena (Russian Premiere)

'New Voices in New York'
A Talk About Present New Music in New York City

Ed Harsh (President and CEO, New Music USA)

Friday May 11th 2012 · 1:30 PM

Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory

Ed Harsh, the President and CEO of New Music USA, discusses the new music landscape of New York City with young composers from the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory.

Lan Weiwei

Song Xinxin

Orchestral Program
Russia and China, Classic and Contemporary

St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic

Jeffery Meyer, conductor

Lan Weiwei, pipa

Margaret Kampmeier, piano

Song Xinxin, zheng

Friday May 11th 2012 · 7 PM

Glinka Hall

The Festival continues with its first orchestral program, again featuring Margaret Kampmeier performing Schnittke’s Piano Concerto, whose 2010 performance with the St. PCP at Symphony Space in New York City was called 'blazing' and 'polished' by The New York Times.  The concert will also feature two of China’s top virtuoso musicians performing new works for Zheng and Pipa both written for the festival.  Finally, Tchaikovsky’s beloved Serenade will top off this eclectic evening.

Qin Wenchen: Across the Skies for pipa and strings (World Premiere)
commissioned by the St. PCP for the Troika Festival
Lan Weiwei, pipa
Schnittke: Piano Concerto                                               
Margaret Kampmeier, piano
Tang Jianping: Lou Shen: Guzheng Concerto (World Premiere)                        
commissioned by the St. PCP for the Troika Festival
Song Xinxin, zheng
Tchaikovsky Serenade for Strings                                                     

Dong Ying

Yi Hu

Whispers of A Gentle Wind
Through China from Past to Present
with Traditional Chinese Instruments

Dong Ying, sheng

Lan Weiwei, pipa

Song Xinxin, zheng

Hu Yu, banhu/erhu

Sunday May 13 · 6 PM

St. Petersrburg Rimsky-Korsakov Music College
per. Matveeva, 1-a, lecture hall #50

A special and exclusive evening of drink, food and music featuring Russian premiere performances of traditional and contemporary works for Chinese Folk Instruments (sheng, pipa, zheng, erhu) with some of China’s premiere performers and composers.

Traditional: Tune from Jin Region
sheng solo
Ye Xiaogang: Springs in the Forest (2001)
zheng solo
Traditional: Moonlight Brightening the Blossom Spring River
pipa and zheng duet
Traditional: Spring City Fiesta
banhu solo
Traditional: Ambush from All Sides (Pipa Master Piece from Pudong School)
pipa solo
Jia Guoping: Whispers of A Gentle Wind (2010)
banhu, sheng, pipa, zheng

Baroque Inspirations and New Works
from Russia, United States and China

St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic

Jeffery Meyer, conductor

Ekaterina Budnikova, violin

Nikolai Mohkov, flute

Nika Sedakova, flute

Dong Ying, sheng

Hu Yu, erhu

Monday May 14th 2012 · 7 PM

Glinka Hall


Ekaterina Budnikova

Nika Sedakova

Nikolai Mohkov

Christopher Stark

The first half of the final concert of the 2012 Troika International Festival is centered around Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 featuring the St. PCP’s concertmaster Ekaterina Budnikova and principal flute of the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra, Nikolai Mohkov.  Although Bach was clearly not Chinese, Russian or American, his music inspired countless generations of composers including the composers of the other two works on the first half: a world premiere commission by Timofey Buzina (RUS) and a Russian premiere Melinda Wagner’s (USA) Little Moonhead, both for the same instrumentation.  The second half of the concert will begin with a newly commissioned work by Christopher Stark (USA) and two new works for Sheng and Erhu by Guo Wenjing and Chen Yi.  The festival will close with a three world premieres!

Timofey Buzina: Morning Of Anubis (2012) (World Premiere)
inspired by Bach's Brandenburg No. 4, commissioned by the St. PCP
Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, BWV 1049, G major
Melinda Wagner: Little Moonhead  (2009) (Russian Premiere)
inspired by Bach's Brandenburg No. 4
Ekaterina Budnikova, violin
Nikolai Mohkov, flute
Nika Sedakova, flute
Christopher Stark: In su (Upwards) (2012) (World Premiere)
commissioned by the St. PCP for the Troika Festival
Guo Wenjing: Sound from Tibet (2012), Concerto for Sheng and String Orchestra (World Premiere)
commissioned by the St. PCP for the Troika Festival
Dong Ying, sheng
Chen Yi: Fiddle Suite for Huqin and String Orchestra (1998) (Russian Premiere)
Hu Yu, jinghu/erhu